December is a time for many things, one of my favorites happens to be the office holiday party (woot woot)!  How do you not look forward to the evening when your boss buys your drinks and get to see how your lovely co-workers get down (when they aren’t on the clock). This year, hang up your busin... View Post
  • Thankful for Fall Fashions

    It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am SO excited, it’s the best time of year!  To me it means- Spending time with friends and family, enjoying good food, and watching football.  Even though your loved ones will love you no matter what you wear, we know that you want an excuse to look amazing.  To hav... View Post
  • Party With Plaids

    Plaid is back! But don’t think school girl or lumberjack, think more in the realm of the beginning of the 1900s. This kind of plaid has some class to it. It’s an urban twist to the stylish traditional pattern. There are endless options of plaid itself, but right now I’m into the traditional ‘Wind... View Post